Hi everyone,

Just a quick one to say thank you all for your support, I can see that there are many of you now waiting for a Tour, and I am looking forward to working with Marc to make this happen somehow.

We have made a great start, and so far everything is coming together the right way, and I am excited to see how this all goes.

There are many projects beginning to form, so I have no doubt 2017 will be a year of creative work, and hopefully I will be able to take you back to the nineties in a way that will make you remember the good times.


Hi everyone,

Its been quite some time now since i have last performed shows, and i want to say sorry for that, but i had been living in some dark times, as a lot of you know.


I had been helping activists in the fight against child abuse, and i was also involved in The Phone Hacking Scandal in the U.K.

Anyway on a much lighter note, i have decided that i have had just about enough of being ignored by EAST 17, so i have decided to do some new shows across Europe.


The last time i saw Terry and John they both told me that they were both going back to other jobs, and that they didn’t want to perform our new version of It's Alright that was remixed for a performance on Big Brothers Big Mouth on Jan 2010, and i ended up performing on my own.


Our bands partnership agreement from 1992 states that any remaining members of EAST 17 get to keep the band name, and as i remember it, I was the last official remaining member, so the band name belongs to me in reality.


I have sat back far too long, and watched songs that i made famous being trashed by others, so i have decided to get back out there for the fans, and sing the hits the way you remember them.


I have no problem personally with any EAST 17 member, but you all need to see things from my point of view.


EAST 17 was my life, and I’m taking it back, and i can’t wait to see you all at the shows early part of 2017!


25 years EAST 17 / 2017, feels right to me!


I just wanna give a big thank you to all of our loyal fans, you have been so supportive over these past years, i think its time to give something back.


Get ready, I'm coming.


See you soon.




Brian Harvey     

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